Chris Works As Quagmire's Assistant from "The Boys in The Band"

Quagmire has Chris schedule all of his "appointments."... More

Family Guy Clips

Quagmire has Chris schedule all of his "appointments."
Stewie recites his account of his therapist's entire life.
Stewie's Therapist Tells Him A Story
Dr. Pritchfield tells Stewie a story to connect to him.
Stewie Talks With His Real Voice
Stewie changes to his real voice.

Family Guy Episodes (12)

S16 E1 Emmy-Winning Episode
Peter grows tired of no longer having an Emmy of his own and decides to organize a "For Your Consideration" advertising campaign for "Family Guy."
S16 E2 Foxx in the Men House
Peter soon befriends a popular, attractive paramedic, but while he gets to better know his new friend, he becomes caught up in his new popularity.
S16 E3 Nanny Goats
Peter and Lois find themselves with a golden opportunity to reconnect as a couple after Lois' parents get a nanny to take care of the children for them.
S16 E4 Follow the Money
Chris receives a special one-dollar bill as a birthday present, but he quickly loses it and the dollar passes into the possession of everybody in Quahog.