S6 E12 The Time is Now

It's a fight to the finish as the championship comes down to the final weigh-in.... More

Wicked Tuna Episodes (84)

S5 E5 Big Hauls and Downfalls
Marciano finds himself in front of Dave. On the Wicked Pissah, turmoil between Paul and his crew threatens to end it for all of them.
S5 E6 Help Wanted
After his mates call it quits, Paul is forced to accept a helping hand from Dave, a person who is supposed to be his competition.
S5 E7 Snitches Get Fishes
Paul’s team tries again. Pete notices that Erin is not pulling her weight. Dave and Tyler argue, ending in someone breaking a golden rule in fishing.
S5 E8 Opposites Distract
Halfway into tuna season, some teams are working well together and killing it, while others are floundering and on the verge of killing each other.