The team strategizes a risky plan to assist mutants who are being held in the Sentinel Services' custody.... More

The Gifted Episodes (12)

S1 E13 X-roads
Polaris discovers more about her past and makes a decision with possibly lasting consequences.
S1 E12 eXtraction
Dr. Campbell hopes to distribute the Hound program on a national scale while at an anti-mutant summit.
S1 E11 3 X 1
While tensions are high at Mutant HQ, nobody is quite sure of whom they are able to trust, which prompts Reed to reconsider staying at the compound.
S1 E10 eXploited
Facing a moral dilemma, Jace is forced to surrender something of great value over to Dr. Campbell, which leaves the team at Mutant HQ divided.

The Gifted Clips

Filmmakers Commentary Of "X-roads"
Watch the filmmakers commentary of THE GIFTED season finale.
Reed is rattled at the thought of finding his mother at her office.
The Frost Sisters Devise A Plan
The Triplets regroup with Eclipse and his group to talk about what's next.
Andy and Lauren have a big difference of opinion when it comes to the Frost Sisters and whether or not they can trust them.