First Responders Arrive To A Man Burning In A Tanning Bed

First responders arrive to man burning in a tanning bed.... More

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First responders arrive to man burning in a tanning bed.
Preview: I Need You
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Abby's Mother Slaps Her
Abby's mother slaps her before the leaves she house.
First responders search for someone that fell asleep in a dumpster.

9-1-1 Episodes (9)

S1 E1 Pilot
Emergency responders must try to balance saving those who are at their most vulnerable with solving the problems in their own lives.
S1 E2 Let Go
A malfunctioning roller coaster at an amusement park puts several lives in potential danger.
S1 E3 Next of Kin
Lives hang in the balance while Bobby and his team answer an emergency at a child's birthday party, which causes one of their own to suffer an accident.
S1 E4 Worst Day Ever
Bobby and the team race to save the survivors on a deadly plane crash while Athena attempts to control the panic and chaos that ensues at the airport.