Marcus and Tomas are caught in a deadly situation in the foster home as they attempt to bring a demon out of hiding, which has chosen Rose as its target.... More

The Exorcist Episodes (9)

S2 E10 Unworthy
While one of the priests attempts to protect his life at the hospital, another is forced to face uncomfortable elements from his past.
S2 E9 Ritual & Repetition
Tomas desperately attempts to battle the demon possessing Andy and save his soul.
S2 E8 A Heaven of Hell
While Mouse and Father Bennett travel to meet Marcus and Tomas, additional information regarding Mouse's unfortunate past is revealed.
S2 E7 Help Me
The fate of the foster home relies on the success of Marcus and Tomas' exorcism, but they face an adversary that is not like any they have faced before.

The Exorcist Clips

Andy & Tomas Look For The Demon
Andy and Tomas try and the demon before it's to late.
Tomas Wants To Take Andy's Place
Tomas figures out a way to defeat the demon sand wants to take Andy's place.
Tomas, Marcus, and Mouse perform an exorcism on Andy.
Tomas Meets The Demon
Father Tomas searches throughout the empty house and finds a guest.