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S1 E8 Fueling Fires

After another fire strikes a gang-run building, Murphy and Gideon discover that it may be much worse than an act of a rival's revenge... More

APB Episodes (11)

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S1 E12 Ricochet
Gideon and Captain Conrad work against the clock to clear Gideon from being blamed for a rash of terrorist attacks.
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S1 E11 Pandora's Box
Conrad sends Gideon back home in order to protect his life, but when the men that threatened Gideon find him, he and Murphy must hide in his secret lab.
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S1 E10 Strange Bedfellows
In order to prevent a serial rapist from claiming another victim, Conrad enlists Gideon and Murphy to locate the perpetrator
S1 E9 Last Train to Europa
An FBI agent discovers information that an informant's life is in potential danger and asks Murphy for assistance.

APB Clips

Murphy And Team Are Under Fire
DV8 takes control of the police drones and begins firing at Murphy and team.
Gideon tells Scott Murphy to tell the mayor to keep his nose out of the 13th district and let them do their job.
Captain Conrad is t-boned while en route to capture DV8.
Gideon Tells Murphy The Truth
Gideon reveals that he knows what the gunmen are after.