S12 E5 Frosty the Pol-man

In this enhanced episode, tis the season for surprises, miracles, and ho-ho-Pol! Animals don’t know it's a holiday, so they’re still getting sick!... More

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Deja Moo! Episodes (9)

S12 E1 It’s All Dutch To Me
In this enhanced episode, there's no place like the homeland! Dr. Pol, Diane, and Charles embark on a trip to the Netherlands.
S12 E2 Hooked on a Feline
Tater the three-legged clinic cat pokes around Pol Vet this week, and everyone falls head over paws for the loveable furball!
S12 E3 Happy Birthday to Moo!
In this enhanced episode, animals are ailing and the docs are determined. To top it all off, there's a birthday!
S12 E4 Pol Side of the Moon
In this enhanced episode, a new season arrives in Michigan. During the heart of fall, a freak snow storm blows through to shake things up!