While the Sinnerman is held in custody, Lucifer prepares to get his devil face back at any cost, until another victim's life shakes his confidence.... More

Lucifer Episodes (13)

S3 E14 My Brother's Keeper
Ella asks for help from an unexpected ally to prove her brother's innocence when he becomes a main suspect in a case involving a diamond thief's murder.
S3 E13 Til Death Do Us Part
Pierce and Lucifer go undercover when a former ecstasy manufacturer, who became a chemistry teacher, is found dead in a suburb of Los Angeles.
S3 E12 All About Her
Lucifer helps Chloe solve a case involving a murdered surfer to get her to help him determine Lt. Pierce's motives after his real identity is revealed.
S3 E11 City of Angels?
Back when Lucifer first arrived in Los Angeles, Amenadiel becomes the victim of a mugging and asks for Lucifer's assistance with the matter.

Lucifer Clips

Lucifer & Chloe Valentine's Kiss
Recap some of Lucifer and Chloe's most intimate kisses.
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Preview: High School Drama
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Ella Stops By Maze's House
Ella stops by Maze's house and is welcomed by Trixie.
Linda tells Lucifer about her new client that he referred.