Meet Team Chloe

Check out who made cadre member Chloe’s red team.... More

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Meet Team Chloe
Check out who made cadre member Chloe’s red team.
The Ring Out: Hannah
Hannah reflects on her personal growth at Camp Grit and rings out of the competition.
Grit & Bear It: Final Elimination
Only one team will be able to advance in this double elimination round as they must balance a ball on a shelf.
Preview: Will You Choose To Win It All?
Contestants give it one last shot to win it all on this two-hour season finale. Tune-in this Sunday, 8/7c.

American Grit Episodes (10)

S2 E1 Find Your Grit
A new group of mentors choose from 17 competitors to be a part of their individual teams.
S2 E2 Cena Does the Dishes
John Cena introduces the contestants to their first team challenge, during which they quickly learn the hard way what personal sacrifice really means.
S2 E3 Liar Liar
The contestants have their ability to trust put to the test in another team challenge, which prompts the cadre to assign a team captain.
S2 E4 Secrets Are Revealed
The contestants have their teamwork tested in their next challenge, which puts them through a difficult foot race while they are tied by the waist.