Mamma Mia!

At the clinic, Dr. Pol has his hands full with Karma, a jumpy horse with a nasty eye infection and a kitten with a severely injured leg.... More

The Incredible Dr. Pol Episodes (19)

S11 E1 It's All Dutch to Me
There's no place like the homeland! Dr. Pol, Diane, and Charles finally embark on a long-overdue trip to the Netherlands.
S11 E2 Hooked on a Feline
Tater the three-legged cat pokes around Pol Vet, and everyone falls head over paws for the loveable furball! Dr. Pol's caseload gets strange when tropical birds reveal bizarre injuries and an emergency C-section requires serious teamwork.
S11 E3 Happy Birthday to Moo!
From plump pigs to hurt horses to cut cats, it's as busy a week as ever for Pol Vet, and there's a birthday on top of it all! Charles takes the opportunity to sneak a vintage jukebox into the lake house for a Dr. Pol birthday surprise!
S11 E4 Pol Side of the Moon
During the heart of the fall, a freak snow storm blows through. Dr. Pol and the vets are very busy!

The Incredible Dr. Pol Clips

The Incredible Dr. Pol "First Look"
Dr. Jan Pol, his partner Charles, the calm Dr. Brenda and staff at Pol Veterinary deal with the medical drama of practicing vet medicine in rural Michigan.
Coffee Break: Would You Rather?
Find out where black cats are considered good luck and what Dr. Pol won’t shave.
Coffee Break: If It Squeals Like a Pig
Dr. Pol meets a little piggy and ponders the art of facial piercings.
Coffee Break: Yes Reindeer
Check out some antique vet tools hiding in doc's barn, meet a furry friend, and even get a little relationship advice.