Skills demonstrated include synesthesia, memorization and frog calling.... More

Superhuman Episodes (7)

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S1 E1 Beyond the Imagination
Skills demonstrated include synesthesia, memorization and frog calling.
S1 E2 More Than Meets the Mind
Skills demonstrated include mastery of memorization and mathematics.
S1 E3 Believe The Unbelievable
Skills demonstrated include photographic memory, bird call recognition and translating language spoken backwards.
S1 E4 Extreme Awareness
Skills demonstrated include particular mind and body challenges; magicians Penn Jillette and Teller participate in a challenge.

Superhuman Clips

Javen Is A Human Calculator
Javen wants to "wow" the audience with his amazing skills. He has less than one second to solve every math problem.
Nelson has two minutes to crack open 10 safes while being suspended in the air.
Amy Takes The "Flipped Off" Challenge
Amy must memorize the exact location of four different colors on a control panel.
Jared Is An Origami Master
Jared must match unfolded paper to its origami counterpart.