The contestants face one of their most difficult challenges in the competition thus far as they choose whether to help their teams or help themselves.... More

American Grit Episodes (9)

S2 E10 Who's Got Grit?
After one contestant is faced with having to decide who leaves the competition, the final three enter the ultimate challenge.
S2 E9 Cena Says
After an upsetting elimination, John Cena decides to spend quality time with the remaining contestants and reveals personal information about himself.
S2 E8 Shady Grady
John Cena announces a double elimination challenge in the works; the teams receive a chance to force another into elimination through direct competition.
S2 E7 Role Reversal
John Cena® and The Cadre agree that the contestants need some tough love and must improve upon their leadership skills.

American Grit Clips

The Ring Out: Hannah
Hannah reflects on her personal growth at Camp Grit and rings out of the competition.
Grit & Bear It: Final Elimination
Only one team will be able to advance in this double elimination round as they must balance a ball on a shelf.
Preview: Will You Choose To Win It All?
Contestants give it one last shot to win it all on this two-hour season finale. Tune-in this Sunday, 8/7c.
The Ring Out: George
George reflects on his time at Camp Grit and rings out of the competition.