Sabrina organizes a gathering of talented artists in the hopes of being able to impress them.... More

The Mick Episodes (13)

S2 E14 The Church
When Alba admits to a possible substance abuse problem, Mickey and the gang go to church with her.
S2 E13 The Dump
While Mickey and Alba chaperone Ben's field trip to a local dump, they find an unfamiliar young boy who snuck onto the bus on the trip back home.
S2 E12 The City
While Mickey and the gang visit New York City, they learn that Jimmy has become quite successful at an investment firm.
S2 E11 The Trip
Convinced that getting accepted into Yale will be an easy task, Sabrina decides to take a risk during her interview that may threaten her chances.

The Mick Clips

2018 Mick Games
Insane athleticism is on display as “The Mick” embarks on its own Winter and Summer games.
Preview: Now That We Got Your Attention
Catch an all new episode of THE MICK FEB 27th on FOX!
Mickey & Jimmy: It's Complicated
Take a look at Mickey and Jimmy's complicated relationship.
Alba Wakes Up In The Hospital
Alba wakes up in the hospital and Mickey says they will all go to church with her.