Enjoy some of Tina's best one-liners form BOB'S BURGERS.... More

Bob's Burgers Clips

Enjoy some of Tina's best one-liners form BOB'S BURGERS.
Tina Is Broken
The family comforts a heartbroken Tina.
Linda Takes The Girls Out
Linda takes Louise and Tina on a girl's night out.
Bob & Gene Go To A Trapeze Park
While the girls go out on the town, Bob & Gene bond on their own.

Bob's Burgers Episodes (7)

S8 E1 Brunchsquatch
Bob decides to start serving brunch at Bob's Burgers in order to offer more strict competition against Jimmy Pesto and his pizzeria.
S8 E2 The Silence of the Louise
Louise joins forces with Millie and set off to investigate who could be responsible for the mysterious attack against Mr. Frond's therapy dolls.
S8 E3 The Wolf of Wharf Street
Linda tries impressing the children on Halloween night by going off with them in search of an elusive wolf that has been scaring the town.
S8 E4 Sit Me Baby One More Time
After Tina launches a babysitting service, she soon faces internal problems with her business nemesis, Tammy.