Max and Leroy hit the golf course and talk about rich people.... More

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Max & Leroy Hit The Golf Course
Max and Leroy hit the golf course and talk about rich people.
2018 Ghosted Games
Outrageous athleticism is on display as GHOSTED embarks on its own Winter and Summer games.
There's something going on between Max & Annie.
Ghosted Things
Discover the extraordinary, paranormal and Ghosted things.

Ghosted Episodes (9)

S1 E1 Pilot
A genius who believes in the paranormal is partnered up with a cynical former detective after they are recruited by a top secret government agency.
S1 E2 Bee-Mo
Leroy and Max decide to take another person with them to go trick-or-treating, but problems arise when the person is infected with a zombie-like virus.
S1 E3 Whispers
Max gives Leroy some encouragement to pursue a romantic interest in a female cop while they investigate a string of murders at a local resort.
S1 E4 Lockdown
LaFrey's boss places the office under lockdown when a dangerous amphibious creature manages to free itself from The Bureau Underground.