S3 E1 Trial By Ocean

Hazen Audel embarks on a sea-faring mission in the Western Pacific's Coral Triangle.... More

Primal Survivor Episodes (13)

S2 E1 Jungle Sacrifice
Hazen Audel sets off on a grueling mission through the dense jungles of Siberut Island to join a band of tribal hunters on a ritualistic pig hunt.
S2 E2 Deadly Desert
Hazen Audel treks through the scorched deserts of northern Namibia and delivers a sacred gift to a tribe in the barren dunes.
S2 E3 Outback Inferno
Hazen Audel ventures into the sun-scorched Australian outback in search of a desert lake.
S2 E4 Hostile Canyon
Hazen Audel faces lethal animals, vertical cliffs and impossible terrain on a deadly run.