Chef Michael Cimarusti joins Gordon while the remaining contestants are challenged to use creatures from the sea.... More

Hell's Kitchen Episodes (15)

S17 E16 All-Star Finale
The final two choose one previous contestant from the season to help in the finale.
S17 E15 Final Three
The three final All-Stars visit the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, Fla., where they participate in a final challenge before the final two are chosen.
S17 E14 Families Come to Hell
The four remaining All-Stars are invigorated by a visit from their families before their first challenge.
S17 E13 Stars Heating Up Hell
The remaining All-Stars instruct athletes on how to prepare their particular signature dishes, but they can only issue verbal commands.

Hell's Kitchen Clips

The Winner Is Revealed
The winner of Season 17 is revealed.
The Contestants Get Pampered
The contestants get pampered before their next challenge.
Gordon Ramsay and the final contestants attend an award ceremony.
Michelle Impresses Gordon Ramsay
Michelle impresses Gordon Ramsay with each dish she prepared.