Neo must prepare for life as a solitary assassin, but his future hangs in the balance when his mother is forced to fight for their territory.... More

Savage Kingdom Episodes (6)

S1 E1 Clash of Queens
It's a clash of queens as Matsumi, the lioness of the Marsh Pride, and Saba, the resilient mother leopard, fight for the survival of their bloodlines.
S1 E2 Army of Darkness
On a forsaken ridge of sand that skirts the edge of the Savage Kingdom, a hyena queen, Zalika, plots her revenge on the Marsh Lions who keep her clan in exile.
S1 E3 Big Game of Thrones
Rule of the kingdom is reserved for the strong. Five heroes, each with a unique power clawing their way to the top.
S2 E1 The Enemy Within
As the dry season ravages the Great Marsh, the lion king Sekekama must defend his throne and his legacy from his three treacherous sons.

Savage Kingdom Clips

Savage Cuties: Chapter I
Last season, the rulers of the Great Marsh suffered tragedies and the battles for revenge have started.
Saba, the phantom assassin, must use all of her strength and skill to protect her young cubs from murderous rivals and secure her bloodline.
Savage Cuties: Chapter III
The battle for the future of the Great Marsh brings new fights every day, even for the innocent.
Zalika, The Hyena Queen, is building her army and plotting to wrest control of the great marsh from her greatest enemies, the lions.