S8 E12 In a Pinch

The Top 11 are given a bag of live crawfish and will have to carefully cook them in order to extract the most meat possible.... More

MasterChef Episodes (20)

S8 E21 The Finale, Pt. 2
The judges evaluate who will become the next Master Chef!
S8 E20 The Finale, Pt. 1
The final three remaining home cooks are challenged to prepare a special three-course meal for the judges with ingredients they choose for themselves.
S8 E19 The Semi-Finals
The home cooks are given a series of skill tests to determine who progresses to the finale.
S8 E18 Something Fishy
The Top 6 are joined by their family for their next mystery box challenge, which tasks them with making a dish that's inspired by those they love.

MasterChef Clips

Gordon Ramsay demonstrates to how to properly cook live crawfish and extract the most meat.
Gordon Ramsay reveals the season 8 MASTERCHEF winner!
After weeks of excruciating culinary competition, it all comes down to this: the finale.
Eboni has gone through so much to get to the finale. Having risen above the odds, she truly fought her way into the MASTERCHEF finale.