Krusty Sees Jesus

Lovejoy attempts to convert Krusty.... More

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Krusty Sees Jesus
Lovejoy attempts to convert Krusty.
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Lisa Watches Ralph
Lisa is concerned about Ralph.
Homer Sleeps On The Job
Homer's crew speculate on what they could be building.

The Simpsons Episodes (11)

S29 E1 The Serfsons
In a world of magic, Marge's mother is transformed into an Ice Walker and must rely on Lisa to use magic to help Homer afford the cure.
S29 E2 Springfield Splendor
Marge and Lisa decide to turns an unpleasant experience Lisa had into a successful graphic novel.
S29 E3 Whistler's Father
Homer stumbles upon Maggie's incredible talent for whistling and decides to start her on the path to becoming a baby celebrity.
S29 E4 Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
Maggie's body is overwhelmed by the malice of an ancient demon; in an alternate dimension, Lisa stumbles upon a disturbingly perfect version of her family.