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S28 E11 Pork & Burns

When Marge becomes obsessed with a Japanese style of living, the Simpsons must part with any item that no longer brings them joy.... More

The Simpsons Episodes (20)

S28 E21 Dogtown
After Homer's court case results in the value of canine life being greater than that of human life, dogs in Springfield begin to have more influence.
S28 E20 Moho House
Moe helps Homer and Marge get back their mojo!
S28 E19 Looking for Mr. Goodbart
Bart gets in trouble on Grandparents Day at school and is forced to hang out with Skinner’s mother as punishment.
S28 E18 Caper Chase
Mr. Burns decides to start his own for-profit university.

The Simpsons Clips

Marge and the kids accompany Homer in court and the kids "worry" that he might go to jail.
Look What The Cat Dragged In
Homer uses the cat to setup his joke.
Moe Is Heartbroken And Unsure
Moe wonders if you finally get a shot you always wanted, do you take it?
Ned Invites Homer To A Ballgame
Homer wants to do something on Saturday morning but is not interested in the ballgame.