S10 E4 To Catch a King

In the Arctic, Alaskans rely on the surrounding waterways to provide quick transportation and valuable resources throughout the warm summer months.... More

Life Below Zero Episodes (8)

S9 Predator vs. Prey
Living in remote wilderness inhabited by dangerous and deadly predators, Alaskans must remain on high alert.
S10 E1 Homecoming
As warming temperatures heat up the Arctic, Alaskans take advantage of the sun's return and head out onto ice, water and land for resources.
S10 E2 New Territory
24-hour daylight in the spring allows Alaskans to work nonstop to prepare for winter.
S10 E3 Facing Fears
With only a brief window between breakup and winter, Alaskans scramble to complete chores that will make life easier when the deep chill returns.

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Life Below Zero "First Look"
People in remote corners of Alaska fight to survive the brutality of winter through sustenance hunting and self-sufficient ingenuity.