Gordon And Christina Ask Some Of The Young Chefs What They Have Cooking

Donovan and Nicole both prepare very complex salmon dishes.... More

MasterChef Junior Clips

Donovan and Nicole both prepare very complex salmon dishes.
The Judges Speculate On The Teams
The judges observe the teams as they create their concoctions.
The Milkshake Challenge Begins
Christina explains the rules of the milkshake challenge as the kids race around to perfect their desserts.
Joe Becomes A Human Milkshake
The kids are delighted when Judge Joe submerges himself into a life size milkshake.

MasterChef Junior Episodes (6)

S5 E15 Finale
In the last cook-off of the season, guest judges Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart join, as the two finalists prepare a three-course meal from scratch.
S5 An Extra Serving
Gordon Ramsay hosts a one-hour special highlighting MASTERCHEF JUNIOR’s greatest moments!
S6 E1 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Forty junior home cooks come to Los Angeles, ready to compete.
S6 E2 The Boys Are Back In Town
The boys begin their challenge. Only 12 of the 20 will progress to the next challenge.