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S7 E16 Eggs for Days

The annual Easter egg hunt brings out the competitive nature of Bob and Linda, but this time, the game doesn't go as planned.... More

Bob's Burgers Episodes (21)

S7 E22 Into the Mild
When Bob discovers that an outdoor specialty store is going out of business, he tries to live his dream of being an outdoorsman.
S7 E21 Paraders of the Lost Float
Teddy tries to persuade Bob to participate in the float contest for a supposedly easy victory
S7 E20 Mom, Lies and Videotapes
Linda comes down with a nasty cold just in time for the Mother’s Day show at Wagstaff.
S7 E19 Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda
Linda is forced to meet Mr. Frond when Louise gets herself in trouble at school.

Bob's Burgers Clips

Teddy informs the Belchers that there is a float and a spot in the parade available for them to participate. Bob isn't thrilled about the idea.
Bob Is Bullied While Shopping
Bob enters a shop one minute before closing so the owners aggressively run him out after making him buy items he is unsure of.
The Belchers Are In A Bit Of A Pickle
The Belchers try to win a prize during the parade by dressing up and making a float.
Bob Fails At Recording
Bob tries to videotape the kids singing at the Mother’s Day concert while Linda is home sick.