S5 E5 Release the Beast

Life in the wild is a constant killer contest, and some animals go to great lengths to survive and conquer. Witness what happens when animals face off and fight for power.... More

Animal Fight Night Episodes (10)

S5 E1 Dare or Die
Survival is the name of the game in the animal kingdom. In the wild, creatures of all sizes square up to fight for food, mates, territory, and more.
S5 E2 Plan of Attack
Animal Fight Night showcases nature's most brutal battle plans and how an intelligent attack can be the difference between victory and death.
S5 E3 Margin of Terror
Wild dogs, big cats and deadly dragons reveal killer instincts in Animal Fight Night.
S5 E4 Bone Crushers
Animals fight to fend off starvation, assert dominance and secure the bloodline.