Cory reveals some key details about the night Joey Campbell was murdered.... More

Shots Fired Episodes (9)

S1 E1 Hour One: Pilot
Two racially charged shootings turn a small town in North Carolina upside-down.
S1 E2 Hour Two: Betrayal of Trust
Ashe and Preston try to find the source of a leaked video that puts Deputy Beck in compromising position, but they are unsure of a possible setup.
S1 E3 Hour Three: Somebody's Son
Ashe and Preston are sent on a dangerous manhunt for the only two credible witnesses in the case.
S1 E4 Hour Four: Truth
Ashe and Preston review statements made by Cory regarding what he was a witness to on the night Joey Campbell was killed

Shots Fired Clips

Follow along with the evidence and try to solve the mystery of SHOTS FIRED.
Round Table: Hour Seven
Reggie Rock Bythewood sits down with Aisha Hinds, Stephen James and Gina Prince-Bythewood to discuss "Hour Seven: Content Of Their Character."
Ashe Wants Out
Preston in confused by Ashe's actions when she tells him she is done with the case.
Ashe Cuts To The Chase
Ashe meets a man at the bar and decides to cut to the chase and say what they booth want.