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S1 E5 Hour Five: Before the Storm

Cory reveals some key details about the night Joey Campbell was murdered.... More

Shots Fired Episodes (9)

S1 E1 Hour One:
Two racially charged shootings turn a small town in North Carolina upside-down.
S1 E2 Hour Two: Betrayal of
Ashe and Preston try to find the source of a leaked video that puts Deputy Beck in compromising position, but they are unsure of a possible setup.
S1 E3 Hour Three: Somebody's
Ashe and Preston are sent on a dangerous manhunt for the only two credible witnesses in the case.
S1 E4 Hour Four:
Ashe and Preston review statements made by Cory regarding what he was a witness to on the night Joey Campbell was killed

Shots Fired Clips

The sheriff's department raids the houses where Pastor Janae lives.
Ashe confronts a man who knew Jesse and Joey. He admits to lying for the sheriff.
Major revelations in the Campbell case have been revealed. What does this mean for the Carr case? Follow along and solve the dual mysteries.
Ashe asks the officer that pulled her over what his intentions and motivations were.