S5 E7 Two Turkeys

Jake and Amy hope to have their parents bond over Thanksgiving dinner, but the family's first holiday together doesn't go as well as they planned.... More

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes (11)

S5 E12 Safe House
After Seamus threatens Kevin, Holt devises an elaborate plan to hide him in a safe house, with Jake as his guard.
S5 E11 The Favor
Seamus Murphy comes back to redeem an ethically questionable favor owed by Capt. Holt.
S5 E10 Game Night
Rosa asks for Jake's help to deliver important information to her parents, but their plan goes awry when they assume the two are in a relationship.
S5 E9 99
While the precinct is in Los Angeles to attend a funeral, Capt. Holt learns that he has been chosen to run for Chief Commissioner of the NYPD.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Clips

Best Of Rosa: Season Two
Check out some of Rosa's best zingers from Season Two of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE.
Captain Holt is not happy when he finds out Jake has taken his husband undercover.
Terry & Amy feel helpless going through the shredded papers until Hitchcock and Scully come to the rescue.
Kevin's Life Is In Danger
Holt has the team help get Kevin to safety.