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S1 E5 The Touchables

The trio decides to make some money so Deb can buy an ice cream parlor; Chris comes up with a plan to benefit from a fixed World Series baseball game... More

Making History Episodes (8)

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S1 E9 Body Trouble
Dan tries to help Chris get his job back by using the time travel card alongside Dr. Cobell, but problems arise and a medical emergency ensues.
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S1 E8 The Duel
John Hancock and Sam Adams immediately become attracted to the same woman and decide to organize a duel for her love.
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S1 E7 Night Cream
Chris enlists the aid of John Hancock and Samuel Adams to help ensure that he holds onto his tenure.
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S1 E6 The Godfriender
Dan, Deb and Chris become trapped in 1920s Chicago when Al Capone steals their time travel bag.

Making History Clips

Dan Tries To Get Chris' Job Back
Dan uses his time machine as leverage to get Chris' job back.
Dr. Cobell And Dan Head To The Past
Dr. Cobell has a heart attack in the time machine.
Deb Tracks Down Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams is shocked to discover that Deb is such a learned woman.
John And Sam Fall For The Same Woman
John and Sam both fall in love with the water delivery lady.