S11 E11 Purr-fect Pairs

Pets of all sizes and species have one thing in common: they're more than just animals to their loving owners, they're best friends!... More

The Incredible Dr. Pol Episodes (19)

S12 E8 The Fourth of Pol-y!
From lightning strikes to cat fights, the clinic is seeing a slew of interesting cases.
S12 E7 Storm's a-Mooin'
When a massive flood strikes Michigan, humans and animals alike are reeling from the devastating effects, making it a wet and wild week for the vets.
S12 E6 Don't Turkey, Be Happy!
Dr. Emily goes into labor 3 weeks early, leaving Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda to man the busy clinic without her, a little sooner than expected!
S12 E5 Three Vets and a Baby
Spring is in full swing in central Michigan, and the vets at Pol Veterinary Services are busy with babies.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Clips

The Incredible Dr. Pol "First Look"
Dr. Jan Pol, his partner Charles, the calm Dr. Brenda and staff at Pol Veterinary deal with the medical drama of practicing vet medicine in rural Michigan.
Coffee Break: Would You Rather?
Find out where black cats are considered good luck and what Dr. Pol won’t shave.
Coffee Break: If It Squeals Like a Pig
Dr. Pol meets a little piggy and ponders the art of facial piercings.
Coffee Break: Yes Reindeer
Check out some antique vet tools hiding in doc's barn, meet a furry friend, and even get a little relationship advice.