S6 E11 Swamp Lions

In a place where even the landscape is an enemy, one pride of mothers must fight to save their cubs from two male lions bent on killing them and claiming the pride as their own.... More

Big Cat Week Episodes (19)

S6 E21 Animal Fight Night: Cat Fight
Cat Fight reveals the secret tactics of the animal kingdom's most ferocious feline fighters and fights from Africa, the Americas and beyond.
S6 E20 Storm Cats
Storm Cats is an intimate portrayal of lion and cheetah families, pushed to the edge by nature’s raw power. Only those that can adapt will survive.
S6 E19 Lion Kingdom
Lion prides battle for territory. Rogue males trail the buffalo, in search of their own prides.
S6 E18 Tiger Wars
In the heart of India, a tiger family battles for dominance in the ruins of a lost empire.