Mickey and the children celebrate great grandmother Rita Pemberton's 100th birthday at her mansion.... More

The Mick Episodes (13)

S2 E1 The Hotel
Mickey and the children are forced to deal with a downgrade in their living arrangement after their spending habits grow out of control.
S2 E2 The Friend
Mickey and Alba's relationship is put to the test when divorcée Trish becomes a seemingly perfect friend for Mickey to spend some time with.
S2 E3 The Visit
Mickey and Sabrina go visit her mother in jail in the hopes of getting Sabrina some closure, but Mickey seems to need it more than she does.
S2 E4 The Haunted House
Mickey and Jimmy organize a special Halloween party at their mansion, but the party soon goes awry.

The Mick Clips

2018 Mick Games
Insane athleticism is on display as “The Mick” embarks on its own Winter and Summer games.
Preview: Now That We Got Your Attention
Catch an all new episode of THE MICK FEB 27th on FOX!
Mickey & Jimmy: It's Complicated
Take a look at Mickey and Jimmy's complicated relationship.
Alba Wakes Up In The Hospital
Alba wakes up in the hospital and Mickey says they will all go to church with her.