Harper the dog needs Dr. Oakley's expertise when a chance encounter leads to a prickly situation with severe consequences.... More

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet Episodes (10)

S5 E11 Mush! Mush!
It is the dog days of Alaska as Dr. Michelle Oakley pays a visit to various Alaskan pooches.
S5 E10 Whoa, Baby!
Whoa, Baby! Dr. Oakley is on the move in Alaska tending to all needs baby related.
S5 E9 Reindeer Rodeo
Dr. Oakley checks up on a reindeer herd and looks at a moose's puzzling giant belly.
S5 E8 Wily Coyote
Dr. Oakley is in for a shock when she has to neuter a wily coyote, and a harbor seal pup must have emergency surgery.