S5 E6 Winner Takes All

In the wild, beasts of all sizes clash, from love-struck grizzlies, raging buffalo and a snake’s mistaken identity to a double dose of gang warfare.... More

Animal Fight Night Episodes (10)

S6 E3 Eat, Prey, Kill
Watch as these animal mothers wage war to protect their young, and disputes over territory turn toxic.
S6 E2 Blood Feud
We expose how some of the most deadly battles in the animal kingdom are fought amongst the same species, as well as between predator and prey.
S6 E1 Firepower
Animal Fight Night reveals brutal battles between nature's most fearless animals.
S5 E8 Total Domination
Fearless animals battle to the death using their teeth, jaws, claws and wits in the effort to survive across the world's harshest environments.