Mama Ft. Jamal Lyon

Jamal performs, "Mama" for Cookie.... More

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Mama Ft. Jamal Lyon
Jamal performs, "Mama" for Cookie.
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Preview: Feels Good To Be Back
Catch a brand new episode of EMPIRE when it returns MAR 28 only on FOX!
Preview: He Belongs To Me
Catch a brand new episode of EMPIRE, WED MAR 28th on FOX!
#Coocious: Valentine's Day
A look back on Cookie and Lucious' tumultuous relationship just in time for Valentine's Day.

Empire Episodes (9)

S4 E1 Noble Memory
In celebration of Empire’s 20th Anniversary, Lucious makes his first public appearance since the explosion in Las Vegas, but still has no memory.
S4 E2 Full Circle
While Leah maintains her assertion that Lucious is a monster, he tries to figure out who he was as a person before the explosion happened.
S4 E3 Evil Manners
After being denied a line of credit, Cookie reflects on her time spent in prison and compares her former struggles and current life.
S4 E4 Bleeding War
Cookie announces that the top album for Empire's 20-for-20 is designed to be a competition between each label's particular top artists.