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Riddler Mocks Penguin
Riddler mocks Penguin before the wrestling match.
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Sneak Peek: See Your Own Darkness
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Sofia Disobeys Her Father's Orders
Carmine reprimands his daughter for coming back to Gotham.

Gotham Episodes (5)

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S4 E7 A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows
While Professor Pyg terrorizes Gotham, Gordon and Bullock travel into the Narrows in search of clues.
S4 E8 A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself
Grundy and Nygma soon become star attractions at Cherry's Place, which is located in The Narrows.
S4 E9 A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie
Professor Pyg tries to involve Jim Gordon as much as possible during his torment over Gotham City.
S4 E10 A Dark Knight: Things That Go Boom
Gordon tries to broker a deal with Penguin that involves Sofia. Meanwhile, Alfred tries to pull Bruce out of his teenage-angst and downward spiral.