"Long Way Home" Performance

Simone sings, "Long Way Home."... More

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"Long Way Home" Performance
Simone sings, "Long Way Home."
Patti LaBelle talks about joining the cast of STAR as Carlotta’s mother, Christine Brown.
Behind the Scenes of “Bossy”
Behind the scenes video of Keke Palmer's song "Bossy" from the FOX series, STAR.
Preview: Time To Get Up & Fight
Catch an all new episode of STAR on WED, MAR 28th, only on FOX!

Star Episodes (9)

S2 E1 The Winner Takes It All
Star is determined to let the group know their album still has a release date.
S2 E2 Insecure
A new label head tells the girls that they need to re-brand their image if they stand any chance of competing against other labels' talented artists.
S2 E3 FUA...Good Night
The girls wait in anticipation to appear with a famous recording artist on television.
S2 E4 It Ain't Over
A chance for the girls to perform at the record label party is threatened by a new social media strategist.