The gang settles into an old mansion previously owned by an infamous cartel leader. Carol forces Tandy to baby-proof the giant estate.... More

The Last Man on Earth Episodes (9)

S4 E1 M.U.B.A.R.
A new woman joins the group and tries to find her place while everybody else prepares to set sail for Mexico.
S4 E2 Stocko Syndome
Tandy tries coming up with a plan to finally get away from Pamela and return to Carol and the others.
S4 E3 Skeleton Crew
Pamela becomes determined to redeem herself with the rest of the group during the final stretch of their journey to Mexico.
S4 E4 Wisconsin
Carol and Tandy decide to come up with a plan to make everybody believe that it is safer if they all choose to stay together.

The Last Man on Earth Clips

2018 The Last Man On Earth Games
Kooky athleticism is on display as THE LAST MAN ON EARTH embarks on its own Winter and Summer games.
Karl Can't Play Piano
Karl attempts to play the piano.
Karl Shares His Story
Karl shares with the group how he survived.
Karl goes on a date but things get awkward and she blows him off.