Being Manipulated By Unexplainable Forces from "Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee"

Father Tomas goes to Father Marcus for help.... More

The Exorcist Clips

Father Tomas goes to Father Marcus for help.
Andy & Tomas Look For The Demon
Andy and Tomas try and the demon before it's to late.
Tomas Wants To Take Andy's Place
Tomas figures out a way to defeat the demon sand wants to take Andy's place.
Tomas, Marcus, and Mouse perform an exorcism on Andy.

The Exorcist Episodes (10)

S2 E1 Janus
Father Tomas and Marcus Keane investigate a troubled woman in Montana while Tomas continues his exorcist training.
S2 E2 Safe as Houses
Tomas and Marcus scramble to complete a woman's exorcism while trying to flee from the custody of her enraged family
S2 E3 Unclean
While the situation at the foster home continues to worsen, Andy works with his foster daughter to help her get past her agoraphobia.
S2 E4 One For Sorrow
While Andy deals with the peculiar incidents that occur on the island, a new addition to his foster home is introduced.