S12 E7 Show Me the Honey

In this enhanced episode, Vet Assistant Katie shadows Dr. Pol in hopes of getting into veterinarian school.... More

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Deja Moo! Episodes (10)

S12 E11 Albert Ein-swine
In this enhanced episode, gratefulness abounds in central Michigan as the doc's at Pol Veterinary Services solve a cornucopia of complications.
S12 E10 Dairy Poppins
In this enhanced episode it's winter in Michigan, the temperature is falling, and the cases keep rolling in!
S12 E9 Mamma Mia!
At the clinic, Dr. Pol has his hands full with Karma, a jumpy horse with a nasty eye infection and a kitten with a severely injured leg.
S12 E8 Pe-Pol's Choice
Dr. Pol and the clinic are being showered with honors while one of a kind cases come rolling into the clinic surprising even this seasoned vet.