S5 E14 The Thin Bluefin Line

With a narrow margin separating the top four boats and only two weeks left in the season, the captains jockey for vital catches in order to win.... More

Wicked Tuna Episodes (82)

S5 E3 May The Fish Be With You
Captain Carraro’s alliance with Captain Ott is put to the test. Captain Speeches heads to Maine. Things start to pick up for Captain Marciano.
S5 E4 Pissed Off on Pissah
FV-Tuna.com catches up to last season’s champion, Hard Merchandise. Tensions amongst the crewmen on the Wicked Pissah reach a boiling point.
S5 E5 Big Hauls and Downfalls
Marciano finds himself in front of Dave. On the Wicked Pissah, turmoil between Paul and his crew threatens to end it for all of them.
S5 E6 Help Wanted
After his mates call it quits, Paul is forced to accept a helping hand from Dave, a person who is supposed to be his competition.