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A grocery worker tries to sing his way to some serious cheddar.
One chef selects a dessert for each of their fellow competitors to bake to perfection.
The remaining chefs must cook a Southern dish inspired by flavors from countries around the world.
Teams of sisters, sisters-in-law and newlyweds hope their close family ties help them win.
Two teachers try to take down 10 songs for $1 million.
Gordon Ramsay transforms his infamous beef wellington into a vegan dish made out of beets.
The top 18 travel to the U.S. Coast Guard base in Los Angeles for the first team challenge.
Teams of mothers and daughters compete.
This season's youngest singer and a father with a falsetto take on the Million Dollar Challenge.
Duncan gets a job and starts contributing to the household budget; Jack wants to impress his dad.
A big sister-little brother duo, best friends and a pair of teachers compete.
A contestant faces two imporant decisions; a baker finds that remembering lyrics is not easy.
Jack takes over a music store from his old friend Ronnie; Duncan learns how to be a sign spinner.
Teams test their musical knowledge.
A new set of contestants competes.
Yangzi becomes addicted to his new phone; Kimberly discovers secrets about the town's residents.
Duncan and his friend fight over Duncan's neck brace to get out of gym.
Duncan sees Annie naked and visits a hypnotist to erase the memories; Jack throws big deck parties.
A "Jurassic World Dominion"-themed episode; actor Chris Pratt; Blue, the velociraptor.
When Kelly's father puts her in charge of the Flatch Christmas celebration, disaster ensues.
Kelly accidentally gets involved in a green juice pyramid scheme; Father Joe helps Shrub get into college.
Four new contestants compete; players must name a series of tunes from the movies.
Peter attends a business conference; Stewie helps Chris prepare for his role in "Romeo and Juliet."
Tina's family find out what she's up to when they read her erotic friend fiction.
The Tobins spend Father's Day weekend at an RV park; Judy thinks she's found a new love.
After Homer teaches Bart to admire his dad, a magical, singing janitor changes everything.
Kelly and Shrub get lost in the woods on her birthday; Cheryl, Mandy, Nadine and Father Joe decide to host a séance.
While Shrub thrives at his new job and Kelly gets a role in the car lot's commercial, Father Joe begins to miss having them around.
The winner from each of the three final rounds compete head-to-head in the Season 7 finale.
Contestants must name songs from the 1980s and 1990s.
Conrad contemplates his future; Devon is presented with an amazing career opportunity.
Strand and the 126 come together when one of their own is trapped after a building explosion.
Members of the 118 attempt to rescue a wellness retreat guru after his followers turn on him.
The guys' physical prowess is tested at Mayor West's dude ranch.
Tina's new shirt is ridiculed by Tammy and Jocelyn in a Wagstaff News segment called "Wow or Weird."
A new indoor water park is opening in Lone Moose, and all of the Tobins want to go, except for Wolf.
Grampa finds himself in a pickle when his hidden hamburger past comes back to haunt him.
Shrub gets a new job detailing cars; Cheryl and Mandy bond over a day of playing hooky.
It's time for the finale, as three teams build whatever they want; a team wins the $100,000 prize.