Pride Month
Ronen Rubinstein and Rafael L. Silva discuss the privilege and importance of being able to celebrate and share their identities.
Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts discuss the importance of representation for the LGBTQ+ community.
Beth Ditto from Monarch shares what pride means to her.
Brian Michael Smith from 9-1-1: Lone Star shares what pride means to him.
Niecy Nash from Don't Forget The Lyrics shares what pride means to her.
Rockmund Dunbar talks about his experience playing the character Michael in 9-1-1.
Hen from 9-1-1 talks about how the power of pride can have an impact on peoples lives.
Happy pride month from all of us at FOX!
Part of the #TVForAll campaign, FOX and GLAAD present "Let's Talk About It: A Pride Roundtable." If you missed it check it out on FOXNOW or Hulu!
Join a meaningful discussion around Pride featuring FOX talent, in partnership with GLAAD.
Beef and the Tobin family discuss mental health month and sharing your struggles. To find help and support near you, contact The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) helpline call 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or text "HELPLINE" to 63640
Élodie Yung (The Cleaning Lady) joins 17-year-old poet Sam Luo in delivering an inspirational reading of "Against All Odds", a poem written by Sam for Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
Join us and celebrate Black History Month with "Black Future" an exclusive poem by Monique Mitchell.
Join us and celebrate Women's History Month with "A Chorus Of Women" an exclusive poem by 15-year-old Olivia Le. Narrated by Olivia Le and Gina Torres from 9-1-1: Lone Star.
Dulcé Sloan shares how important increased representation is in all aspects of TV production from talent to crew.
Adeola Role talks about the importance of diversity on screen and seeing yourself represented on TV.
Gina Torres talks about the importance of having women's voices behind the scenes in film and television.
Dania Ramirez talks about all the talented women getting their chance to tell stories with more depth and nurturing aspects.
Chef Nyesha Arrington talks about her experience coming up as a chef being the only woman of color in the kitchen, and the importance of having black voices in front of and behind the camera.
Eva De Dominici and Adan Canto celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and talk about what this means for them.
Nicole Scherzinger of "The Masked Singer" gives advice to rising AANHPI singers.
Elodie Yung of "The Cleaning Lady" talks about representation in television.
Ken Jeong of "The Masked Singer" talks about inclusion in television.
In Episode twelve of MAKING HISTORY IN HOLLYWOOD, actor Alana Bright shares her story.
Alana Bright from our Kind Of People talks about Black History Month and how she doesn't feel fear anymore regarding the stories that we can tell and share.
Mayim Bialik of Call Me Kat talks about the show and the women that inspired her.
Celebrating Women's History Month 2022.
Angela Bassett of 9-1-1 talks about women who have inspired her.
Ginnifer Goodwin of Pivoting talks about her experiences working on the show.
Amy Poehler of Duncanville discusses her experiences in the industry and who her hero is.
In Episode twelve of MAKING HISTORY IN HOLLYWOOD, actor Simone Recasner shares her story. Check out the full episode of Making History In Hollywood: Simone Recasner at https://youtu.be/RL__rBWw8BM