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In 'Three Days in Moscow,' anchor Bret Baier takes a look into the end of the Cold War and President Reagan's role in collapsing the Soviet Union. Bret highlights the importance of the Moscow Summit, the fourth and final summit between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, which was not only a breakthrough in their joint nuclear disarmament agreements, but served as an opportunity for Reagan to speak directly to the citizens of the Soviet Union, who were ready for a change–even if their government wasn't.

'Three Days in Moscow' gives background on all of Reagan and Gorbachev's summits, from the first time they met in Geneva to when the two leaders signed the INF Treaty in Washington, D.C. It further explores the importance of the Moscow summit and takes a look at everything that transpired, from Reagan's impromptu walk through the Arbat, his walk with Gorbachev through Red Square and the Moscow State University speech and Q&A with Soviet students. It was only one year after the summit, in 1989, that the Berlin Wall fell.