The Gifted

Filmmakers Commentary Of "X-roads"
Watch the filmmakers commentary of THE GIFTED season finale.
Reed Looks For His Mother At The Office
Reed is rattled at the thought of finding his mother at her office.
The Frost Sisters Devise A Plan
The Triplets regroup with Eclipse and his group to talk about what's next.
Andy & Lauren Argue About The Frost Sisters
Andy and Lauren have a big difference of opinion when it comes to the Frost Sisters and whether or not they can trust them.
Lorna Has Makes An Interesting Connection
One of the triplets makes an attempt to level with Lorna.
Preview: The Resistance Will Return | Season 2
The mutant resistance will return soon.
Circle Of Truth
The mutants are back and rebuilding.We found the truth and it's time for the people to wake up or there won't be any people left!
Blink Is Confronted By A Stranger
Blink realizes something greater about her kind.
The Strucker Family Discuss Their Options
Reed and Kate want the family to move on from the fight.
What You Need To Know: Part 2
Matt Nix recaps episodes 6-10 of THE GIFTED.
Andy & Lauren Are Stuck In Jail
Andy and Lauren are stuck in a jail cell and try to figure out what happens next.
Sentinel Services Interrupts The Campaign
The mayor gets a call from Sentinel Services that mutants are infiltrating the campaign.
The Mutants Argue At The Base Camp
The mutants and humans get into a big argument at the base camp.
Sentinel Service Cares
A mutant rights organization protest the Sentinel Service Cares mutant rehab program.
The Mutants Argue About Trask
The mutants argue about Trask and their next move to get in the lab.
Reed Grieves His Fathers Death
Reed grieves after his fathers death and Lauren comforts him.
Empower Academy
The Empower Academy is a place where mutants can be safe and educated with others that are alike.
Blink Explains Why She Is Fighting The War
Blink talks about how her parents were slaughtered which is why she is fighting the war.
Lorna Confronts Eclipse About His Ex
Lorna is very upset with Eclipse and his ex girlfriend kissing him.
Eclipse, Blink, & Thunderbird Help A Group Of Mutants
Eclipse, Blink, and Thunderbird help a large group of mutants to safety.
Reed Express His Concern About Wes
Reed finds out that Lauren's new crush, Wes has a criminal record and he immediately tells Caitlin.
Agent Turner Is Urged To Take A More Aggressive Approach
Dr. Campbell tells Agent Turner to place mutants in the field to track down the Mutant Underground.
Carmen Reminds Eclipse He Works For Her
Carmen calls Eclipse and reminds him about their deal.
Just A Couple of Freaks
Catch all the powerful moments from season 1 of THE GIFTED.
What You Need To Know
Matt Nix recaps the first five episodes of THE GIFTED.
Thunderbird Saves Everyone From An Explosion
While Thunderbird is raising money for mutant veterans, a bomb is detonated in the area.
Wes Introduces Himself To Lauren
Wes sees Lauren, and he immediately tries to win her over.
Blink Confronts Thunderbird About Her False Memories
Blink is upset Dreamer manipulated her memories, so she confronts Thunderbird about the situation.
Mutant Case Files: Andy Strucker
Percy Hynes White discusses his character, Andy Strucker.
Mutant Case Files: Thunderbird
Blair Redford discusses his character, Thunderbird.