Prodigal Son

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Dermot Mulroney and Lou Diamond Phillips discuss Nicholas Endicott, the new character joining PRODIGAL SON for the final run of episodes this season.
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Michael Sheen talks the loveable nature of “The Surgeon” and reminds us that not all the things we love are good.
The NYPD’s latest investigation brings them to funeral directors convention where Bright meets Tilda, a passionate mortuary who was close with the victim.
Bright interrupts Jessica and Ainsley in Gil’s office as they all try to figure out next steps in the latest Whitly family debacle.
When The Carousel Killer calls the news station to admit he’s the killer on live TV, he insists on only speaking to Ainsley, otherwise he will kill more people.
As a sophomore in college, Bright pays a visit to his dad in prison to help him write a paper and learns more than he came in for, when he asks his dad how he would kill him.
When Jessica and Bright plan to meet up with someone who has promised to have information on the girl in the box, they end up discovering a new killer, The Carousel Killer.