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Prodigal Son’s Keiko Agena and LA restauranteur, James Choi, get together to talk about self-awareness, culture, and identity in 2021. As the Asian American community sees an increase in hate crimes, this reflective dialogue couldn't have come together at a better time. In Partnership with Upworthy
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Malcolm and Dani visit a modeling agency where Malcolm has some offhandedly nice things to say about Dani.
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Sheen talk about the new character making her name for herself at Claremont.
Gil and Malcolm talk about their theories but are interrupted when Jessica calls Malcolm with some pressing news.
Jessica visits Martin at Claremont to talk about Ainsley killing Endicott & her plan to take Ainsley away.
Ainsley takes Malcolm to meet Mrs. Windsor where he tries to get information about the murders he's investigating.
Dani and Malcolm visit the women's ward of the prison where the victim was last seen before he died.
Malcolm & Gil visit Martin and Martin insists he should be a part of the team to solve Jerry’s murder
Martin and his fellow inmates talk about leaving Claremont in group therapy following news of Jerry’s upcoming release
Bright has a flashback of being locked up by Nicky & shares with Dani that his tremor didn’t start until years after his father’s arrest.