Clips & Extras

Amy wants to help someone at the school that is having focus issues and she may just have the right drug to do the trick.
Matt is nervous around Jodie and mentions that he's wearing odd socks, Jodie invites herself over to organize his room.
Sarah, Amy, and Jodie watch Andrea's live stream promoting skincare when she suddenly uses a picture of Jodie without her permission.
Amy invites someone over to spend time with her kids for the afternoon, however she wants them to keep it a secret and she will even buy Luke candy!
Amy, Jodie and Sarah have a picnic in the graveyard and go sit by the wrong grave. Instead of Colleens grave it's someone else.
The girls see how much food Brian has been given by women at his church and wonder if they should have given him some food.
Brian has no idea why all the women at his church are being nice to him. Henry explains that these women may be into him, which threatens the meal train.