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It’s funny how being smart runs in the Bennett family! Let’s celebrate some wit and friendly rivalry in honor of National Siblings Day.
Brian refuses to play with his little sister Leila, and instead loses to a game of chess with Marc.
Kay feels like she needs to make amends with Dr. Walker, one problem: She doesn't know what she did to him.
Find out if Tisha Campbell remembers her character lines from all of the FOX shows she has appeared in!
Mike and Kay play strip poker while talking about whether their kids are gonna get the best of them...again.
Mike and Kay sit down for "The Talk" but it turns out the kids already know way more about sex than they thought.
Mike tells Irwin about how he and Kay had "The Talk" with the kids and how it's ruining their sex life.
Jason Biggs gives us an exclusive tour of the Bennett basement where the parents of OUTMATCHED like to relax.