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About New Girl

New Girl was an ensemble comedy that took a modern look at friendship and romance, as a group of five friends attempted to find their respective places in the world, while begrudgingly accepting the responsibilities of adulthood – with often hilarious results. The show aired on FOX for seven seasons from 2011 to 2018.


Season 1

After a bad break-up, Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) needs a new place to live. An online search leads her to a great loft... and three single guys she's never met before. But Jess moves in, and through her unique sense of self and the support of her new roommates, she learns to move on.

Of her three new male roommates, Nick (Jake Johnson) is the most grounded... and also the most jaded. A law school dropout, he spends most of his time hiding under his hoodie and tending bar. Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is a hustling young professional who's pretty proud of his own abs. Winston (Lamorne Morris), is an intensely competitive former athlete who doesn't know what to do next-but whatever he does, he wants to win it.

In the pilot episode, Jess also meets Coach (guest star Damon Wayans Jr.), a personal trainer with a bit of an anger problem, who's subletting a room.

Rounding out the group is Jess' childhood best friend, Cece (Hannah Simone), a model with a killer deadpan. As their relationships progress, these five realize they need each other more than they thought they would and end up forming a charmingly dysfunctional - or strangely functional - family.


Season 2


In New Girl’s second season, after Jess gets laid off from her teaching job, she re-evaluates her life and career and immediately makes some dubious choices along the way - working alongside a jaded cocktail waitress (guest star Parker Posey), jumping into a sex-only relationship with a handsome lothario (recurring guest star David Walton) and attempting to bond with her younger neighbors by using ‘80s humor. Also this season, Nick is dumbfounded when he gets a visit from his future self, Winston (Lamorne Morris) must answer to his disapproving mother and basketball star sister, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) panics at the thought of getting old and then becomes jealous when Cece starts dating the anti-Schmidt.


Season 3


At the end of New Girl’s second season, Jess and Nick ultimately gave into to their mutual attraction and decided to take their relationship to the next level. Schmidt desperately tried to win back Cece, after breaking off his romance with her, and his efforts were rewarded, when Cece called off her wedding. Meanwhile, Winston, seemingly the most grounded of the loftmates, slowly revealed cracks in his calm, cool and collected façade.

In the third season, Jess and Nick go “all-in” on their relationship, but they must overcome some major obstacles, not the least of which just might be Schmidt. Following Cece's aborted wedding, Schmidt finds himself unable to choose between Cece and Elizabeth (guest star Merritt Wever) and deals with it in the “Schmidt-iest” way possible. Also, Winston reconnects with Coach, bringing him back into the loft when one of the roommates moves out.


Season 4


As the series' third season came to a close, Jess and Nick ended their romance when they discovered that their differences outweighed their love for each other. Schmidt decided to pursue his on-again-off-again relationship with Cece, despite her fling with a younger man. Meanwhile, Winston passed his entrance exam on his way to becoming a police officer, and Coach began adjusting to life as a grade school gym teacher.

With the loftmates all single in the fourth season, the pursuit of love drives them all to extremes. In the season premiere, the gang attends the last wedding of the summer and Jess sets her sights on the best man (guest star Reid Scott) only to find competition from the hottest scientist in the room (guest star Jessica Biel). In other storylines, Schmidt tutors Jess on the not-so-fine-art of dating via mobile apps; Winston desperately wants his fellow police academy cadets to give him a nickname; Jess's dad (guest star Rob Reiner) returns with a new girlfriend, who happens to be Jess's high school nemesis (recurring guest star Kaitlin Olson, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia); Nick and Schmidt must learn to share a room together; and Jess dates a man whose shortcomings below the belt fall way under the microscope.


Season 5


New Girl celebrates its 100th episode in its fifth season. Although Jess and Nick remain broken up, Schmidt and Cece are headed down the aisle. Disaster arrives when the loft becomes an Airbnb, Schmidt’s bachelor party hits the road, and Cece’s judgmental mom shows up. Meanwhile, Jess lands a fantastic teaching gig, only to learn her boss is dating her ex, and Winston gets a great new girlfriend – or does he?


Season 6


In New Girl’s sixth season, Nick returns from a summer in New Orleans while Jess throws herself into a multitude of meaningless hobbies to avoid her conflicted feelings for him. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece begin the search for their own house, and Winston tries to balance his new, long-distance relationship with Aly (guest star Nasim Pedrad).


Season 7


As the series’ sixth season winded down, Jess told Nick of her true feelings for him. Also, Winston and Aly got engaged, and Cece and Schmidt received news that they are expecting. In New Girl’s final season, viewers pick up after a three-year time jump. Jess and Nick are happily together and returning from a whirlwind European book tour; stay-at-home dad Schmidt and working mom Cece are raising their daughter, Ruth; and Winston and Aly are married, with a child on the way.

Over the course of the season, Schmidt and Cece prepare Ruth for a prestigious pre-school, Winston and Aly choose Jess to be their baby’s godparent, and Nick and Jess finally marry. In the series finale, the gang says goodbye to the loft as everyone goes their separate ways, on the roads to starting their individual lives.

In addition to Nasim Pedrad, the final season features the return of many of the series’ notable guest stars, including Damon Wayans, Jr., Dermot Mulroney, David Walton, Nelson Franklin, Sam Richardson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner. JB Smoove and Tig Notaro also make their series debuts in guest-starring roles.

New Girl was produced by Chernin Entertainment in association with 20th Century Fox Television. The series was created by Elizabeth Meriwether. Meriwether, Brett Baer, Dave Finkel, Jake Kasdan, Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope were executive producers, with Meriwether, Baer and Finkel serving as co-showrunners/writers and Kasdan directing multiple episodes of the series.


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