Love Connection

foxToday at 11:00 PM


Kristin Finds Out Sergio Is A Secret Billionaire
After Kristin expresses her concern about Sergio still living at home with his mom, Andy reveals that Sergio comes from a billionaire family.
Sergio & Katy Have A Strange Lyft Ride
Sergio and Katy have a good time out, but things become awkward when they meet their Lyft driver.
Brianna Stops Listening To Sergio
Brianna tells Sergio that he's secretive, so Sergio recaps everything he told her; turns out Brianna just wasn't listening.
Jessica & Nick Rate Each Other & Have Fun At The Mansion
Jessica showed up an hour late, but based on the selfie cam footage, Nick & her had a great time. Sort of.
Miguel Gets a Little Too Comfortable At The Amusement Park
Jessica & Miguel have a rollercoaster date with plenty of ups and one unfortunate down.
Jessica & Dakota Have A Rough Paintball Adventure
Jessica takes a hit to the leg during her paintball date and then takes a blow to her ego when she sees Dakota's first impression rating of her.
Valarie Flirts With Andy
Valarie tells Andy he could be her husband if the dates don't work out, but Andy warns that she might not be satisfied with him. We wonder why?
Valarie Thinks Sean Is A Little Too Feminine
Valarie and Sean go on a date but she thinks he is a little too feminine for her and even offers him some advice moving forward.
Valarie Says Kevin Is Just Not Her Type
Valarie says Kevin is not her type however, she may reconsider if he cuts his hair and trims up a bit.
Justin Gets Ghosted On His Date With Valarie
Justin takes Valarie to an Italian restaurant but she walks out on him because she says he doesn't know how to treat her.
Valarie And Justin Have Missed Signals On Their First Date
Valarie and Justin have missed signals on the first part of the date but it seems like they both still had a good night out.
Jake and Phillip Have A Romantic Ending
Jake and Philip make a great connection on their date and end the night with a romantic kiss.
Jefferson Takes Jake On A Cheap Date
Jefferson takes Jake on a cheap date with no plans besides pocketing the money Love Connection gave him for the night out.
Alex Is Not Feeling Jake's Long Blond Hair
Andy asks Jake and Alex to share their first impressions of each other, and it gets a little awkward!
Jake and Alex Jump Straight Into The Sexy Zone
Jake and Alex hit things off early and skip friend zone and go straight into the sexy zone on their date.
Sean Explains His Side Of The Unpleasant Date With Yvette
Sean and Yvette's personality clash on their night out. Looks are one thing but they aren't everything.
Sean Can't Believe What Yvette Scored His First Impressions.
Yvette wasn't impressed with Sean's looks and the first impression he gave on their night out when he arrived late.
Sean Takes Denisa To The Strip Club
Things get awkward when Sean decides to take Denisa to the strip club on their first date.
Sean And Jennifer Go On A Date To The Santa Monica Pier
Sean and his date Jennifer talk about their date to the Santa Monica Pier and the awkward kiss on the Ferris wheel.
Nadja Thinks Phillip Is A Really Good Kisser
Nadja doesn't kiss on the first date but she made an exception with Phillip on their night out.
Alexander's California Rustic Style Isn't What Nadja Is Use To
Alexander had a great time with Nadja on their date but he's not her physical type of guy.
William Bares His Arms
William and Elyse's date went so well that William decided to "tattoo" his love for Elyse on his arm.
Elyse And David Create A Lasting Bond
David tells Andy Cohen about Elyse's positivity and the natural bond they've created. This love sounds pretty magnetic!
Elyse Talks About Her Date With "St.Daniel"
Elyse nicknames Daniel, "St.Daniel", but will his good boy ways leave him single and alone, or will Elyse find his ways sexy and give him a chance?
Isabel Gets Ghosted
Dylan comments on Isabel's "hip" lingo and leaves the date without saying a word. Clearly, this date was the opposite of lit.
Dylan Rates Isabel And It's Kind Of Lit
Dylan and Isabel rate each other's looks, and it's not looking promising for one of them.
Dylan And Angela Go On A Daring Date
Bowling is a pretty typical date, but not with these two. Dylan and Angela talk about the wild things they did and kiss for the selfie video.
Helen Takes Dylan On A Rocky Date
Dylan and Helen go rock climbing during their date, and they learn some interesting facts about each other. Surprisingly, it went pretty smoothly.
AndyCam: Looks Aren't Everything
The contestants learn that looks aren't everything after they meet, Cary, the graphic designer, who has a great personality.
AndyCam: The Real Housewife
Susan is an Atlanta "housewife" with high expectations and strong opinions.