About the Show

On this mystery adventure drama, two great men of the 20th Century – HARRY HOUDINI (Michael Weston, “House,” “Six Feet Under”), master magician, escape artist and paranormal debunker; and ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE (Stephen Mangan, “Episodes”), prolific writer, creator of “Sherlock Holmes” and paranormal aficionado – join forces with ADELAIDE STRATTON, New Scotland Yard’s first female constable ever to work for the London Metropolitan Police Force (Rebecca Liddiard, “Man Seeking Woman”), to investigate unsolved and inexplicable crimes with a supernatural slant. In the series’ debut, Houdini, Doyle and Adelaide investigate the murder of a nun in one of the notorious Magdalene Laundries. A witness claims the killer is a young woman who was tormented by the nun. The only problem is, that young woman has been dead for six months.

Cast: Stephen Mangan as Arthur Conan Doyle, Michael Weston as Harry Houdini, Rebecca Liddiard as Constable Adelaide Stratton, Tim McInnerny as Chief Inspector Merring and Adam Nagaitis as Sergeant Gudgett.